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CHEN - Skinhealth

60% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds.  for you heart to pump, as nutrition, to every cell in your body

My name is Tiffany Chen, daughter of world renowned Martial Artist William CC Chen.  

Health, Wellness Nutrition and Fitness is what I was born into and as it turns out, is the life I was meant for.

As a competitive athlete, full contact fighter, I always understood that what my body put out, to be a direct result of what I put into myself. 

So, when I didn’t get the results I wanted, I learned that I had to change what I was doing to my body.

Results are from your lessons in life…

Nutrition was always something I was always aware of from childhood. 

We weren’t allowed fast food or soft drinks more than just a few times a year. 

I remember my mother always say how we can have it as a treat, but very limited because anything that wasn’t cooked at home wasn’t real food. She rarely allowed me to sleep over or have dinners at friend’s homes because she didn’t want me eating Pizza and ice cream for dinner.

My performance and my health was always a direct result of how I ate, how hard I trained and how well I rested.  

It’s a simple formula.  It’s logical and it works.

Fast forward to an entire lifetime of competitive athletics which included nutritionist, here I am, taking the next step beyond what we put in our mouths and focusing on the nutrition we give our body, when we apply products to our skin.

Once I had a solid handle on nutrition, I began to wonder about my skincare products. 

After a disastrous experience with some of the most expensive products on the market I realized I had to now stop everything I was using and go back to basics 100%.

It took destroying my face, before I stopped doing what I was doing. 

I believed what all the jars and bottles were saying what they could do for me. Storylines and fairytales about how to achieve beauty with these heavily perfumed potions. The more I paid, the better I thought I could believe what I was buying… This is the wrong kind of logic, especially when it comes to Skincare. 

The more I did, the worse my skin got. It became so thick and scaly, I could scrape pieces of skin off of my face.

What is it about tragedy that helps remind us of what our parents told us?

Mom had always told me not to use soap and even suggested that I should just try using Extra Virgin Olive Oil… To which I replied, “Eew, Mom, I eat Olive Oil, I’m not gonna put it on my skin”. To which mom replies “Isn’t your skin part of your body?”, that’s all she said, it always stuck in my head, even although I couldn’t quite understand it yet.

The time finally came and I finally listened. 

It was a crazy miracle that started healing my skin the first day I did this. 

It was amazing. 

After three days my skin felt so good I started researching immediately how to really cleanse and feed my skin. 

I went through an entire year of skin tragedy to bring into my world of Skin Foods. This was about 12 years ago…

Just like the food industry, Skincare has fallen victim to greed and over processing. Processed Foods are Poison for your body. 

Only Organic Whole Foods speak the universal language of Health for our bodies.  

Like Processed Foods, Skincare is surely on its way out the door too.  

Anything that needs to be tested for safety isn't safe.  

Nutrition is the educational information our bodies use to solve our body’s health problems.

CHEN is beyond Skincare. 

This is your body’s health redefined. 

This is about your Beauty being direct result of the Health Benefits you receive from using Skinfoods... 

That's it, it's your body working with Organic Skinfoods.

Safe for the whole family, fur babies too.

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