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CHEN - Skinhealth

60% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds.  for you heart to pump, as nutrition, to every cell in your body

Any of the CHEN's Skin Foods can be made to meet specific needs and desires.  
I incorporate all different kinds of butter and oils into my Bespoke Line.  Just because you do not see it listed in my lists of ingredients, does not mean I don't have it.

*All requests for orders packaged in Glass incurs a $20 surcharge per container

Here's a list of products that I ONLY make to order.  

HERBAL Polish   $60, 8oz   $100, 16oz   $150, 24oz
Fantastic for the Face and Body.  There is a synergy in this food.  The oils actually pull the nutritive benefits from the herbs into itself.  As time goes on, the oils becomes more nutrient dense.  Oils are what your body recognizes as food and the oils works as an incredible delivery system for the nutrients it extracts from the herbal blend.  The herbs then work to gentle stimulate and awaken your skin's surface.  With the oil cleansing and feeding your skin and the herbs physically stimulating your skin's surface your giving you skin it's gym time and nourishing it too.  As you use your scrub regularly, the nutrient intensity builds within your Herbal Exfoliator as your skin adjusts to this new food.  As your Herbal Exfoliator naturally enriches itself, your skin constantly has to adjust to the intensity of it's nutrition.  The best way to keep a body healthy, CONSISTENT CHANGE!

CREAMS  $125, 4oz   $200, 8oz
These DO NOT Ship, my apologies.  They must also be refrigerated!!!  I make various blends, part of my skin regime that I am finally making available to you, below is a list and you are welcome to create your own recipe.  My liquid base is aloe.  Aloe is able to penetrate the skin's surface 4 times faster than water, an incredible delivery system for your Skin's Meal!

-Algae Blend
-Manuka Honey
-Green Tea
-Royal Jelly
-Bee Blend

Detox Masks   $150, 8oz Dry Mask + 4oz Oxygenating Activator + Steaming Herbs
The varieties are endless for how I can blend this.  This is the ultimate way to Detox, Stimulate and Nourish your skin.  It comes dry, why?  Because Clay Masks work by developing a negative charge when WET!!!  Adding minerals enhances this charge, but this charge only is strongest when you mixture is blended fresh and over time, the charge dies... Those ready made clay masks, not very effective.  Never use metal to mix, metal neutralizes the charge.  Pathogens and Toxins are positively charged in nature.  Clays are inert, they do not get absorbed by the body, but they are a magnet for what doesn't belong in your body that you can just wash away!!!  If you run out of  your Oxygenating Activator, try mixing your dry blend with Apple Cider Vinegar, or using the water, now infused with your herbs from steaming!!!

Detoxing Bath/Foot Soak   $150, 2 Bath2 (16oz/ea)  $500, 10 Baths (16oz/ea)
Use 1/4 container for a Detoxing Foot Soak.  Use 1/2 container to detox, cleanse, heal, renew and ease bloat while you soak.  Soak until you feel you scalp sweating, this is when you know detoxing has begun!!!  Just relax, let your bath do the rest!!!