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Skinfoods, Tai Chi and More!

Just simply about the things in my life that make up my life.

I'm constantly learning, creating, understanding and sharing.

Inbetween teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Skinbizzing with CHEN, I often have thoughts and ideas I enjoy sharing and I found that this was the best way for those who want to tune in with me to tune in!

I don't always know what I'll have to share, but when I do, Im gonna do it here!

Look forward to hearing your feedback and input too!

XOXO, tiff

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I didn't always love Tai Chi

Posted by seamusproductions on October 7, 2016 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (1)

When I was younger… Tai Chi wasn’t my choice. I was told it was my responsibility, by my mother.

Dad never pressured us into learning Tai Chi or teaching it. I remember mom telling us that he always just wanted us to get into it when we decided to and I believe he told this to mom when she was telling him about how she probably felt it was time for us to start learning Tai Chi.

Dad always has had such an Organic approach to everything he does. He is the most organic being I have ever known.

To be completely honest, I did not enjoy teaching Tai Chi until more recently.

Here’s the thing, Tai Chi is the art of feeling.

When you’re a kid, you know almost nothing about what you are feeling, other than “crazy” most of the time. It’s like learning this thing called life is just a constant buzz of crazy and you’re in a constant state of sensory overload, all of the time.

You still don’t know yourself, you’re so curious about everything around you, all the time.

Learning Tai Chi… For me, is an interesting journey.

I feel like only recently, have I really been able to understand my learning of Tai Chi well enough to teach it.

Learning Tai Chi is very different for someone like me. I always had a kind of understanding for it, because I watched it growing up. I could always feel something from it.

I would imitate dad as a little child. I love him and I wanted to do everything like him, even get my morning shave after I would watch him shave, when he finished his chin I would smile and eagerly say “my turn” and he would put the cover on his electric razor and shave my chin too. I guess this way I was a little different from most other girls who instead watched their mother’s doing their morning make-up. I am definitely my father’s daughter.

To be honest, learning Tai Chi as a kid was ok. I enjoyed getting into the more active classes like Push-hands and then the San Shou…. I really love the art of fighting. Actually, I just really love contact sports. There’s something kinda great about taking each other down, throwing shots, landing shots and yes, even taking shots. It’s such an intricate learning process and it’s always fun, even when it’s not. I have to say, it’s dad’s embodiment of Tai Chi as a martial art that makes Tai Chi so adaptable for everyone.

Some people love just learning the internal and some of us need the external to begin to understand the internal.

What got me started with Skinfoods?

Posted by seamusproductions on October 6, 2016 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

What got me started with Skinfoods?

I get asked this all the time.

There are several, “mini” life journeys that finally put me on this permanent path now.

For starters, I am Chinese, raised in a very modern, yet traditional American Chinese household.

Born and raised in NYC Greenwich Village. I went to public schools.

Growing up, the herbalist was my doctor and Western Medicine was only the last resort.

I had always been intrigued by the power of herbs, essential oils and clays.

I remember there was a store, when I was younger caller “Aphrodesia”, they sold all types of herbs, clays and oils… It was my candy land.

Mom was very supportive of my curiosity and pull towards natural healing.

She always would tell me that the less I do to my skin the better and she never believed in or supported the skincare products I would soon become completely seduced by.

She reminded me regularly of how bad soap was for my skin and wouldn’t agree with the harsh chemicals prescribed by the dermatologist that were essentially burning off my skin.

The more I moved away from the natural way, the more she tried to remind that I was doing to much to my body. Of course, I didn’t listen until I spent an embarrassing amount on Skincare products that I realized were really damaging my skin. It got to a point where I thought I need to do more, buy more, try more.

My skin and body were so oversaturated with the toxic chemicals I was slathering on that my skin became thick, dry, itchy and flaky.

This is when I stopped using everything and decided to just rinse with water and use Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Just doing this for a few days almost completely healed up my skin. It was like a miracle.

Thus, my Skinfood obsession was born.

What I actually enjoy most about Skinfoods, is that the foods, themselves are a recipe of ingredients which are all good for your skin. You can use them as they are in my blends or find them yourself and blend your own Skinfoods.

The truth is, Skinfoods are liberating. What I really disliked was becoming a slave to the products and their jars. I would worry that my travels might leave me absent of my skincare products if I ran out.

The magic of Skinfoods is that it liberates you. I can travel anywhere and if I run out of my Skinfoods, I can go to any grocery or health food store and find the basics of what I need on the shelves and either mix my own little blend or just use the products neat.

Although, you do need to be careful with Essential Oils, these little dark jars are powerful and should almost always be used in carrier oils and blends.

Another best part of Skinfoods, I really enjoy knowing I am feeding my body, by what I put on my skin.

60% of what you put on your skin, enters your bloodstream in 26 seconds, for your heart to pump, as nutrition, to every cell in your body… I understand beauty to be a reflection of your internal health. This is how I was raised and this is how I choose to share my happiest of life style choices with you.

Everything Tea & Amla Serum

Posted by seamusproductions on September 19, 2016 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

One of my most unique products, my Everything Tea.

It detoxes, cleanse, shampoos and conditions.  It's safe for the whole family and it's one product with many, many uses.

However, you must keep in mind, if you are switching to my Everything Tea after years of Shampoo and Conditioning, your hair and scalp may go through an adjustment period.

The soap in shampoo alters the healthy pH we are born with, many of us have probably been abusing our scalp's pH with Shampoo and Conditioner for our whole live, which, incidentally is the precursor to many scalp issues, especially Dandruff.

It may take your hair and scalp a little while to adjust to my Everything Tea, because your hair's natural sebum has been stripped for a very long time, causing all types of imbalances and now your body has a chance to return to it's natural, healthy state.

I like to use my Amla Serum to help new Everything Tea users to adjust.

I actually use my Amla Serum daily to add nourishment and the silkiest sheen to my hair.

Be pateint when transitioning to skinfoods, your body is just learning to readjust to being healthy and balanced again!!!

I created my Amla Serum because of how Amla is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat thinning and damaged hair.  It nourishes the scalp with VItamin C and fortifies hair follicles while encouraging and maintaining health hair growth.

I also have Amla in it's dry herb form in my Everything Tea formula!!!

Detox Mask

Posted by seamusproductions on September 19, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I create my Detox Masks to order and they are always just the dry ingredients you are meant to mix fresh at home, each time you use a mask, why?

Do you understand how clay masks work?  They develop a negative charge when wet.  This charge is strongest when freshly blended and I enhance the charge by adding natural minerals.  This is also why you should never use metal to mix your mask.  Always only use ceramic or glass.

So what is this negative charge for?  The negative charge attracts the postiviely charged pathogens.  Pathogens are toxins, germs, pollution we do not want on or in our bodies.  Your freshly blended Detox Mask acts like a magnet to absorb these pathogens, which you wash away when you rinse your mask off.

Clays come in all different colors, from all different regions.  They all have unique mineral qualities which are displayed in their colors, smells and textures.

They not only detox our bodies, they nourish us too!

Don't forget, always mix your Detox Masks fresh!!!  Add any excess Detox to your bath or rub all over your body in a shower!!!

Tai Chi, Moving Slowly Sucks, I hate it!

Posted by seamusproductions on September 3, 2016 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Tai Chi and Why Moving Slowly SUCKS!!!

So, I like to ask people what they think Tai Chi is…

I love the way people get when you turn the tables on them and make them the teacher.

They take it way more seriously than I ever have, besides, teaching is fun.

You have a room full of people who are all there to listen to you.

If you have nothing to say, that sucks.

Not speaking, not sharing my mind, never been my problem, this way I am very nontraditional Chinese.

This way I am very American Child and perhaps a little spoiled.

Not necessarily spoiled by material things.

Spoiled by the undivided attention of two Chinese parents, who, sometimes I wish did divide the attention they had focused on me, when I was younger.

Now, I LOVE the attention my parents give me and I love even more when I walk into work and dad, just off a flight from teaching in Europe, can’t wait to pull me into a room so we can talk about something together…

Maybe I’ll share our latest conversation in a future blog.

So, what do you think Tai Chi is?

I know almost immediately what popped into your head.

A group of old people… Moving slowly, cause you are telling me only what your eyes understand. Instead of speaking from where the mind can go, but can your mind go there?

The answer, Yes, it can, of course it can, but you can’t listen with your ears, looking for what to see. You have to listen with your heart with an open understanding of how to feel. Moving slowly sucks…

Moving slowly couldn’t be further from what Tai Chi is actually about. Tai Chi Chuan is about Internal Energy Flow. Internal Energy Flow is fluid and boy does it flow…

There’s nothing slow or contained about it and contrary to how your eyes may lie to you when you watch it, Tai Chi couldn’t be more filled with free flowing energy.

The actual ability of the movements to look so contained is actually a demonstration of how truly fluid energy, flows so freely that it looks still.

But Tai Chi is not about how movements look.

Tai Chi is about how movement feels.

Our internal energy flow, or “Chi”. “Chi” isn’t mystical, “Chi” isn’t a secret, “Chi” is something you and I have and we all have the ability to help it flow in a modern society that constantly blocks our natural energy flow.

Natural Energy Flow… Is Natural, Natural, another word indicating that you have it, I have and Dad has it.

There is nothing supernatural about it.

You want to know what’s actually kind of crazy?

Energy Flow is natural, which means, in todays society, it is our uncanny ability to defy nature’s way in Supernatural ways, that we think people like Dad are super mystical, just because he lives according to the natural balance which is why he is connected to his Natural Energy Flow…

I bet you never thought of it that way.

It’s the Supernatural power we have to defy nature, that makes us think those, like Dad who work with Nature, are the Supernatural ones…

Kinda supersilly.

Moving slowly sucks.

Moving slowly is something we do when we are not running on full.

Moving slowly is something we do when we aren’t feeling our best.

Moving slowly is something that indicates we aren’t operating at full capacity.

Moving slowly does not indicate much of anything having to with health and vitality.

I used to think that Tai Chi was about moving slowly and I hated it.

I thought, I’m the Master’s Daughter, I am going to move more slowly than anyone and be the best…

After the first few postures, here’s what I thought: “This sucks, I hate this. Why was I born into this., forget this, I just want to go party”

Yes, I will blame my misunderstandings of Tai Chi for my not so great decisions earlier in life.

However, this wasn’t always how I thought about Tai Chi.

It was just one of the conscious ways I would think was the right way to work on it.

So, what is Tai Chi… Its pretty freaking great and it has nothing to do with moving slowly.

Tai Chi is the physical expression of what you are feeling internally.

It’s your feeling, stimulated by your breath.

Your breath is the heartbeat of the movement and what triggers the flow of your movement.

The flow of your movement is fluid because of how the characteristic of feeling is endless.

The Tai Chi movements are triggered and sustained by your freely flowing, internal energy flow that is as rapid as it seems still and flows repeatedly in a cycle that reflects our life cycle.

There is a beginning an ending and from the ending is a new beginning.

The more you go with the natural energy flow, “chi”, the more fluid your internal energy becomes, the greater your energy flows within you.

Tai Chi Energy moves so fast that your body needs to seem still…

Constant Energy Flow isn’t something your physical being can keep up with, so, your body learns to just go with the flow, not trying to keep up with the flow, cause that’s just impossible.

Moving slow sucks... Finding your internal energy flow, Amazing

Organic Foods, Skinfoods - Efficient Life Source Forces, Nutritional Information For the Body

Posted by seamusproductions on September 3, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

What we put into our bodies, via our mouths and our skin is much more than just vitamin, minerals, calories and fat grams.  

Its also nutrtional information from one life source to another.

Life feeds life and life sources nourish other life sources.

Food is information for the body and that information also educates our body on a cellular level. 

That's why Organic Nutrition is important. 

That's why Skinfoods are so important.

Everything that goes into your body has to have a life cycle and life history of its own origins.  

This is what feeds you. 

Organic Foods, Nutritional Information and the most Efficient Life Sources our Bodies also Learn From... Always be Mindful

Posted by seamusproductions on September 3, 2016 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Organic nourishment, no matter it's form is nutritional information for the body.

Whatever it's source is, it's source feeds our life force, which is why it is so important to choose Conciously, Wisely and Ethical.

Every decision we make about everything we do, how we do it, our tactics, our approach effects us on a nutrtional level, because of how it affects us, body, mind and soul.

From the foods we eat, to how we program our body's through exercise is more than just what we do in that moment, in that class, in that hour. 

What we do, the decisions we make effects on both concious and subconcious levels, which is why the practice of Mindfulness is so important.

Our entire thought process is meant to evolve as we grow, this is called growth.  Hopefully growth involves making better decisions.

Everything around us effects how we grow, how we function and in turn we effect the world and the people around us.

As I get older I grow more aware of everything and I grow more concious of the fact that what I put into myslef is what I give out.

What I give out is something I hope to being giving back for all of what life consantly gives to me.

This awareness, I believe was grown from my Tai Chi roots and my lifestyle as a competitive athlete.

I grew up as a competitive athlete, doing everything form Jazz, Gymnastics, Baton, Ballet, Ballroom Dancing, Figure Skating, Rugby. Tai Chi Chuan , Push Hands, San Shou and Boxing.  

Most of all my sports I did competitively and because of that I learned at a very early age, that, what you put into your body, goes into your performance.  

This wasn't just food nutrtion.  

This was about the rest you gave yourself, the funtime you gave yourself, the extra training you put in, the type of roadwork you did.  

It was about the balance of your life, in your life.  It was always mind/body/soul.

I worked with nutrtionists and I had the balance of Tai Chi... Although I couldn't always articulate what it was that Tai Chi added to the equation,  I think in part because I always had it in my life in some way, it was a balance I wasn't concious of, although it always had a positive effect on me, I kinda took it for granted because it was always there... But Tai Chi never takes you fro granted, it always shows you appreciation, whether or not you know it, by how it influences your energy flow and mindfulness.

Tai Chi is an incredible source of nutritional information that helps you "know" yourself better, how?  

Because it is a form of exercise that is an art.  An art because it is about feeling.  The best kind of feeling, your feeling, what you feel and how you feel, because it is about helping you achieve balance. 

I love how when students ask dad where their eyes should be looking when the do the form and he touches the top of his head...  Just his gesture gives you the right feeling of where you should be.

Tai Chi nourishes you with the nutritional information necessary to be mindful of the need for a balanced life, in all areas of your life and living.

What Are Skinfoods?

Posted by seamusproductions on August 31, 2016 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Skinfoods are what Skincare would be without the toxic fillers and parabens.

It's actually kind of crazy that Skincare is such a seemingly possessed industry.  

If any of the products actually did work as incredibly as they claim, why is there the need for so many brands with so many treatments?  Either it works, or it doesn't.

The truth, Skincare doesn't work, but the power of the mind and marketing is what Skincare is powered off of.

Skincare has become an insanely toxic industry, it's basically toxic ingredients with a minute amount of Skinfoods added in.

My Skinfoods are just the Skinfoods our bodies need to be healthy.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Just Organic Foods for the Body.

Growing up Tai Chi... When your dad is considered a living legend. Those are some BIG shoes to try and fit... Then you realize, you gotta find your own shoes that fit.

Posted by seamusproductions on August 31, 2016 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Growing up Tai Chi wasn't always easy.

I'm not complaining, but I just want to touch on a bit of reality that not so many people who walk into our school seem to get.

Being born to someone "GREAT" is great.  Being born to two Great Someone's is even greater.  

At the end of the day, they are still just, mom and dad.  

Yet, they have also become Mom and Dad the two greatest people in the world who I also often wonder, "How were they crazy enough to want to have children?'

Being the child of someone who is considered a Living Legend sets the bar kinda high...

Growing up you never really know anything but, dad is dad and mom is mom.

I do have to say, being Chinese and born into a Chinese American Family who has their own family business is a little like being born into slavery, but in the best way possible.  You basically have no choice but to be part of the family business.

So much of the Chinese culture spills into you American upbringing and you do feel very American and "Unique", but at the same time, what makes you "Unique" is what keeps you the same, in your family.

Growing up Tai Chi...

It was fun, I really have no complaints, although I have some thoughts on it, which is the whole reason why I popped out of bed to write this.

People were always very respectful and called dad Master Chen.  I actually didn't understand when people called dad Mr. Chen, I thought it was weird and it just didn't sound right to me.

I even remember questioning my mother about the difference, wondering if it was a sign of disrepsect.  She always never really gave straight forward answers, she likes being Master Chen's wife and I think she never really liked the sound of Mr. Chen and would just say "They don't know who your father is".  Then I'd just think, "well, he's Master Chen", realizing now, that then, I never really understood what meant, cause still, he's just dad.

So when your dad is the most humble living legend on earth and your his kid, you get a lot of attention.  

Yes, I did like some of the attention and still do and No, I also really disliked and still dislike some of ther certain kinds of attention that comes along with being Master Chen's Daughter.

First I would like to point out, I worked very hard for my championships and I always did listen to dad and always do listen to dad, even though once in while we would have disagreements and even sometimes argue.  We are a normal-ish, father and daughter, but at the end of the day there is no man I respect more and there is no man I love best.  I also know that there is no man who loves his family most and no man who ever believed in me more than my Dad.

It was fun going to tournaments growing up and eventually competing in them and also winning them, but I was supposed to.

Not according to dad, according to other people who so generously respect my father as Master Chen and would sometimes insensitively say, "oh, congratualtions, but you're supposed to win, you're his daughter".  In one sense, there is a sense of pride, in another you feel a bit dismissed and tossed to the side and as though maybe you didn't really earn your win enough because people just think it's cause of some DNA right that you won.  Nobody talks to you about how hard you trained, they just assume that you have some secret way of winning because you are your dad's daughter.  

What everybody does talk about most is your height for an Asian and your looks... I always felt kinda weird about this.  You feel kinda like a freak show.  There's was never anything that made me feel beautiful about people talking about my appearance, it always just made me feel weird and as though I had to prove myself more as an athlete, which I know I did and worked very hard at.  

I think in some way I always wanted some recognition of my hardwork, my strong physique and my own skills I worked very diligently on, but somehow I always got talked about more for my height and who my dad is.  So, in some ways I never really knew who I was.  It was confusing for me, but it did make me work harder and I never wanted to be treated more delicately because of how people sometimes and often judged me physically.  It made me feel weak when I was told I could do less reps than the guys, maybe not weak, I felt a kind of disrespect, so I figured, I'll earn the respect and silently just do the same number of reps.  It's funny, sometimes when I was being pushed to my limit, that's when I would whine, but discounting my abilities always made me work harder and I got pretty good at sometimes pretending that whatever I completed that the guys did, to not be enough for me ; P

Tournaments can be strange and overwhelming, even to this day.

You just see yourself as a regular person.  Although I am used to seeing dad get mobbed.  

I do have to say the admiration from people is really quite rewarding and beautiful.

To know that this guy from China named William C.C. Chen worked from nothing, just doing what he loved could create such a worldwide resepect amazes me.  

I'm not amazed that he accomplished such grateness, what is amazing is that he is more curious, more full of life now than I ever remeber seeing.

Maybe I'm more mature and understand him better, but what he's created and the exuberance with which he lives his life and his love for sharing is infectious and so adorable.

I definitely learned how to find my passions from having his example and its an incredible part of life to start living when you have finally learned your father's way for loving waht you do.

In this chapter of my life I've finally fallen in love with my teaching of Tai Chi because all of his life lessons for me have finally "clicked" and from learning from the examples he set by living and raising us I learned to find my passion with Skinfoods and how to follow it with my heart and soul.

Tai Chi, like everything you love to do in life is about feeling and it's crazy to have grown up Tai Chi and finally learn how to understand "feeling" in a way that applies to your family business and your own business.

People today outwwardly look for so much, forgetting that the most important place to look is within yourself.  

When you find that life that stirs the feeling in your soul, then you know, you're on the right track, you feel it ; )

I spent a long time trying to figure out how to teach as well as dad and tried to learn how to be good as dad and it literally depressed me sometimes, why?

Cause you're not supposed to live your life trying to be someone else.

You are supposed to learn from someone's passion, by baring witness to that feeling they have when they are consumed with what they love doing.

You are meant to learn what they feel, to learn how to feel that way about discovering your own life and who you are.  

It's about feeling.  It's about discovery.  It's about not giving a crap what anyone else thinks.  It's about being your original you.

Thats what dad always was and is to this day. It's honesty and purity, from the heart of a child.

It's understanding that it's ok to think different and be who you are as long as you're message is honest and from the heart.

It's the beauty of feeling who you really are, so you can become who you really are.  

Be your own Legend, cause we are all the same in that we are different.  

Never be afraid of who you are, just go with the flow and feel who you really are and it really does happen that easily. 

Toners and Astringents... Do you actually know?

Posted by seamusproductions on August 28, 2016 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Let me first start by telling you what these two words actually mean...


Astringent - In skincare, a product that decreases oiliness of the skin, regulates your body's sebum production,helping with breakouts and blocked pores.

Toner - A substance that cause the muscle beneath the skin to tighten/tone up.  Improving the skin's appearance and elasticity.

Now, go into your nearest Sephora and ask someone...

I've had some decent responses and I've had some people who I don't even think would know how to spell their own name.

This isn't to say that they didn't know what they were talking about.  Some of them were really reciting what they had been taught very well, but they couldn't articulate any knowledge of what the actual health benefits were, instead of just saying your skin would LOOK better.

Also most of the bottles they were showing me were filled with alcohol and scents that were overwhelming to the senses and underwhelming to what they did to the back my hand... I'm such Paraben-phobe... I went home and did a detox soak immediately!!!

What I found crazy was that I could fell the sting of some of these product on the back of my hand and saw my hand get ashy and dry from them too... Not good.

Did you know Toning and Astringent properties exist in Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Butter and Herbs?

How, because what they do is nourish your body with health which naturally tones your body tissues from the inside out and regulates, healthy sebum production, for healthy skin, because that is what healthy bodies do... They keep themselves healthy and balanced.

Anything that cause stinging, burning and/or a drying out of your skin's surface is damaging your skin, causing your skin to "freak out", which is where your need for actual toning and astringent properties begins.