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Just simply about the things in my life that make up my life.

I'm constantly learning, creating, understanding and sharing.

Inbetween teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Skinbizzing with CHEN, I often have thoughts and ideas I enjoy sharing and I found that this was the best way for those who want to tune in with me to tune in!

I don't always know what I'll have to share, but when I do, Im gonna do it here!

Look forward to hearing your feedback and input too!

XOXO, tiff

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Weight Loss... Health Gains, a different approach

Posted by seamusproductions on June 4, 2017 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Having been an athlete from childhood, actually, I think I may have been an athlete from inside the womb too. Weight has always been an issue in my life.

Your weight should be nothing more than a reflection of your body's healthy state.

Excess body weight isn't meant to just fall off of you the minute you decide to start eating healthier and exercising.

You have to remember, your body's healthy condition is a direct result of your lifestyle choices.

Changing lifestyle habits takes time, the same way it took time for you to notice that you needed to shed some pounds for your health.

You didn't become unhealthy overnight and you aren't going to get healthy overnight, but once you finally make the decision to adjust your lifestyle habits, you have already become healthier for you and your family.  Mindfulness is just the beginning of an incredible journey,

I have been at fight weight, I have been at my average weight and I have been a bit chubby at times.

From my lifetime experience with this body of mine I learned the good, bad and the ugly.

Most importantly, I learned what was healthy and what was not and this learning experience is all from first hand experience.

I've worked with nutrtionist and the one thing they never explained to me, or helped me understand was that health is a lifestyle that our bodies need to adapt to over time.

There always seemed to be such a finite method of elimination and tactless charts, inconvenient counting and recounting. 

It all was always so mechanical and mathmatical, but we aren't robots and my body is not a mathmetical equation.

Weight Loss, should be really be about Health Gains.

When I first started becoming concerned about my weight, I was a teenager.  

I was figure skating competitively at this point and I had already hit my full height of 5'8", which, especially for a figure skater is huge.

I didn't use the "huge", by accident, this is exactly what I was always told, my mother described me this way as did my coaches and the use of vocabulary can cause quite an impact.  To this day, no matter how lean I ever got, my weight and my size always feel "huge", it's something I am conscious of and work to understand better, so that I don't lapse into my feelings of feeling like an elephant whenever my size seems to become a topic of conversation.

Throughout my whole competivitve fighting career both my mother and brother would team up and joke about my "big" body parts.  My brother would often pinch at my sides, just fueling my insecurities about weight and my mom was usually complaining about my shoulders, thighs and to this day she is always reminding me about the size of my ass constantly.

Here's what I learned, my body feels best when I am living a healthy lifestyle and we all look at health from a different perspective.

Most people, especially from my mother's generation think skinny is healthy.

Healthy is how you feel and you shouldn't need a scale to tell you how you feel.  

Unless you are in an occupation where you have to make weight, throw your scale out. It's number means nothing.

Your heath is about learning about yourself, knowing yourself. I have reached the point where I actually always know my weight and I don't need to step on a scale. 

Here's the thing with Weight Loss, it's NOT an overnight thing and there are several aspects of your body's health that need to balance out, before you will actually start to loose weight.

The most important aspect of loosing weight is cleaning up your diet and making Self Care and your Physical Activity Routine, Mandatory.

Learn and understand more about your body through cutting out all processed foods, especially Refined Sugar!

Once you start eliminating Processed Foods and adding in Organic Whole Foods, you'll notice this thing called hunger is no longer an addictive craving.

Addictive cravings feel just like hunger, but this is not about your body craving nutrition.

Processed foods, especially Sugar create a drug addiction to the chemicals that are packaged to look like food.  

Eliminating processed foods and adding in Organic Whole Foods to your diet is a lifestyle choice to end end your addictive cravings, so you can start learning about what your body hunger actually means.

Hunger is your body's need for nutrition and throughout my healthy journeys I've learned that once my body starts craving nutrition, that is exactly how I should be feeding my body.

One incredible dietary addition that I always rely on when I'm cleaning up my lifestyle is Oatmeal with my homemade Protein Nut Butter.

It's absolutley astounding how much of this stuff I will crave upon waking when I am conciously overhauling my healthy habits.

I don't believe in having to meticulously measure portions out, I rely on my natural internal need for nutrition to tell me how much I need.

Now, when I say Oatmeal, it's not just steel cut oats. I make a blend of all kinds of organic whole grains.

The body likes to learn and nutrition is the educational information you supply your body.

Oatmeal is incredibly nourishing and loaded with vitamins, fiber and essential minerals.  This well rounded nutrition detoxes and cleanses your body from the inside out.

If there is one healthy choice you were looking to make for your summer bod, I'd encourage you to try starting your day with a healthy bowl of mixed, organic, whole grain, oat meal.  Add organic berries for added fiber and antioxidants!!!

You may notice that during your healthier lifestyle changes you may sometimes gain a little weight before the weight starts to come off, don't worry about it. 

Just stick to your healthy choices and learn to listen to what your body's healthy needs are.

The body also creates body fat to protect your internal organs from toxins.  Organic food and exercise help detox your body from these toxins.

If you're using conventional skincare, check your labels... The parabens, carcinogens and toxic fillers cause severe hormonal distruptions.

Your Hormones regulate everything from your weight to your skin and your hair.

Skin Brightening DYI Recipe

Posted by seamusproductions on June 1, 2017 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I have a girlfriend who is working on lightening up some hyperpigmentation on her skin, so aside from my Skinfoods, I have all these DYI recipes you can do in the comfort of your own home flooding my brain.

This recipe is so simple!!!

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon Raw Honey and 5 drops Lemon EO

That's all.

This recipe is good for acne, aging, dark spots, dull skin, clogged pores.

Just apply mask for a few minutes and rinse off.

Anytime you use citrus on your skin it makes you more photosensitive, so sunbathing is not suggested.

Hyperpigmentation and dark spots are exacerbated with sun exposure, because sun activates the melanin in your skin and the damaged, darker tissue will jst get darker if you do not limit your time in the sun.

Wear hats and avoid direct sun exposure!!!

Create a Gym for your body, on a cellular level

Posted by seamusproductions on May 31, 2017 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The body loves learning new things.

The body is built to learn how to adapt.  What does this mean?

This means learning is something that not just your mind benefits from, learning is also something your body learns when you also introduce it to new nutrtion.

Nutrition is the gym you provide your body on a cellular level, so that you can radiate on a physical level.

Giving your body new Organic foods regularly keeps your metabolism busy, keeping you healthy.

Don't forget, this includes what you put on your skin too!

The body only recognizes Organic Nutrition, because we are too created, Organic.

It's not about Counting Calories, it's about Counting Chemicals

Posted by seamusproductions on May 31, 2017 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

When it comes to the health of your body, fat grams, calories and carbs are what your body needs in a healthy balance to maintain your beauty.

What you should really be counting are the chemicals...

Chemicals and toxic additives for everything from food flavoring, to colors, to preservatives are toxic to your whole body system.

Did you know that the fat on your body is also produced to protect your body from toxins?

Read your labels, understand that everything going into your body can either help or harm your body's health.

Detoxing isn't about anything more than eliminating toxic chemicals and adding Organic Whole Foods, this includes what you also choose to put on your skin too.

Weightloss=Fitness=What You Give, Not What You Take Away

Posted by seamusproductions on May 30, 2017 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Let me try and adjust your way of thinking when it comes to diets, fitness and living healthier.

None of it has anything to do with assigining limitations or restrictions, it's about everything you start giving your body and how you keep your approach, healthy, fresh, vibrant and new.

Basically the body just loves learning and their is no better way to approach your Fitness Lifestyle with everything you have to give to yourself.

There are so many forms of physical fitness readily available and learning as much as you can, changing your routine costantly, is something your body loves.

Here's the thing with Weight Loss that I want to address.

The most important thing you can do for you is to begin living healthier through your diet.

More important than counting calories is counting chemicals.

More important than deciding what you can't eat, is focusing on what you can eat.

More important than anything else you can do to program your body to live healthier is to start eliminating all processed foods and this includes skincare that is loaded with toxic parabens, perfumes and toxic fillers.

Chemicals rewire your body into a state of unnatrually crazy.

Organic Whole Foods reprogram your body back into its healthy nature, its that simple.

Now, when you are in the process of cleaning out the toxins, your body will have cravings for your healthier lifestyle choices, listen to them.

Here's one of my cravings that went crazy during my latest clean up and it made sense too.

OATMEAL with Blueberries and my own homemade Nut Butter with Grass Fed Whey Protein.

I make my own oat meal blend of Organic Whole Grains and I always soak my grains in a water and a touch of salt.

Soaking deactivates the enzyme that seeds, nuts and grains all have to prevent them from sprouting prematurely, soaking in salt water deactivates this enzyme, releasing more viable nutrition to the body and also cutting down on cooking time.

During this latest lifestyle change I wanted to eliminate processed suger. 

Funny enough, too much sugar gives me migraines, I can never finish a full dessert when I'm out and I realized that I should probably start listening to my migraines.  That's a serious amount of inflammation I am putting my body through and nothing feels or tastes better than being healthy does.

I don't do portion sizes, I listen to waht my body tells me it needs.

For about 2 months I was craving this monster bowl of oatmeal with a generous onslaut of wild bluberries and mounds of my Protein Packed Nut Butter every morning and even on some evenings.

The amount I was consuming, if you were going by scales and portion sizes would make you think I would be a whale at this point, but it did just the opposite, it was giving me the nutrition I needed to clean out what had been junking my system up and I started slimming down.

Once you start elimanting processed foods, you allow your body to listen to its own cravings, which are actually your body's natural needs to achieve your balanced state.

There's nothing like oatmeal to scour the insides of your body clean and the balance of carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals allows your body to function as the high powered machine it is to keep itself, balanced, healthy and ageless.

Cravings are your body's prescription for the medicine nature has put in our food.  We need to listen to them...

Tai Chi Chuan, absolutely NOTHING to do with Moving Slowly

Posted by seamusproductions on May 30, 2017 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Let me begin by saying there is absolutely nothing more aggrevating than deliberatly movig slowly, but there is a difference in slowing things down, but not in a physcial way and that is one of the hugest misconceptions when it comes to Tai Chi, people judge it by what they think they are interpreting with their eyes, usually unaware that what they should be seeing, is really what they should be feeling.

Tai Chi is an art form. All art forms stem from feeling.

Tai Chi is the physical expression of what you are feeling internally and what you feel internally is stimulated, initiated and maintiained by your own natural breath.

Tai Chi is the practice of feeling, breath, not to be confused with the exercise of breathing.

Exercise seems to assign a difinitive starting point with a finite destination and is often times a series of static movements.

Breath is your natural, internal energy flow. It is seamless and endless. It's staring point and its end are one of the same and is only about flow.

This is where the external physical movements are born from. The internal energy flow.

In Tai Chi, your breath is was drives the movements, your physical movement is merely and extension of your internal energy flow.

Mindfulness, Self Care and being Present. Decoding the Mystique of Eastern Practices and just helping you understand it's basic, human, COMMON SENSE

Posted by seamusproductions on May 30, 2017 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

As a person hwo has taught Tai Chi her whole entire life... These were some common things I would hear people ask about, while looking a bit wide eyed and lost.

The three sound what people like to call "New Age" and kind add the element of mystique when it comes up, but these 3 things are just basic Common Sense, but in a society where Common Sense has become a lot less common, I do suppose that it would seem mystical to discover these practices, balanced in anyone now days.

Mindfulness, Self Care and Presence.

To be Mindful is to understand that you need to be able to listen to you.  You need to listen to you as a practice of Self Care, because nobody knows you better than, you.  When you understand that Self Care is basically just taking out time to care for yourself in a Mindful space, you'll begin to understand that something as simple as grocery shopping and cooking your own meals is a pactice in both Self Care and Mindfulness, making yourself Present.

You don't need to sit in a room and mediate in a prescribed fashion to make friends with yourself and that is all Mindfulness, Self Care and Presence are all about.

It's a self sensitivity, which is an awareness of self, because of your ability to understand you and your needs in the midst of the crazy world we live in.

As you begin to become more mindful you learn how to self care for yourself better, keeping you in the present.  After all, is there anything better than feeling good?

Basically, for those of you struggling with the concepts of Mindfulness, Self Care and Presence, it's all about feeling good from within and finding that balance.

You can only find that happy balance from within and that starts with you, making time for you, doing things that help you, learn about you.

Tai Chi Chuan is an incredible tool for making friends with yourself.  It is an art, which means it is rooted in feeling and the art of feeling is always rooted in what makes us feel good.

Fitness, not diets, not fads, not about restrictions. What you give to your body for a healthy, balanced lifestyle

Posted by seamusproductions on May 30, 2017 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Fitness the most important catalyst for a healthy lifestyle.

Too many focus on weight loss instead of life gains.

Here's the thing, our bodies naturally enjoy being healthy, balanced and vibrant and our bodies are programmed to break down when we aren't treating ourselves healthy.

FItness is a Mind/Body/Soul connection.  This is not new agey, this is basic common sense and logic.  

A disconnected body, causes health deficits.

Western approaches to health often time compartmentalize symptoms instead of treating the source of the health issue.  Many health issues are due to the fact that we use treatments that go against nature by just treating the symptom we see or feel.  The minute the itch is gone, we think there is no more health issue.  This would be true if treated the sourceof the ailment instead of applying, often times a topical steroid which just makes the itching stop and the swelling go away temporarily, so that we can keep living in the exact same way that caused the health symptom, until we have to spot treat again, because we have done nothing to treat our health problem, we have only applied a topical treatment, allowing us to ignore the health problem, which more times than not, leads to other health issues and side effects from using a product that goes aganist our natural health and our body's natural way of healing.

Back to fitness.

When it starts to get warm out everyone is trying to "get in shape".

Extreme dieting and exercise become a breeding ground for injury and just another method of implementing unhealty practices in an attempt to be healthier.  It makes absolutley ZERO sense, but we are human and overuse the idea of belief, instilled by our overdeveloped minds to beleive the craziest of things.  Sometimes our crazy minds create beautiful things, sometimes our minds just create more crazy, from crazy.

Fitness and dieting has NOTHING to do with what you deprive yourself of whicle exhaustively pushing your body through a fitness routine you can't wait to never do again.

Fitness and dieting is about everything you nourish yourself with, so you build your Mind/Body/Soul connection.

Processed Foods are America's Drug Addiction.  

This is the one factor that completely throw off our body's natural programming and creates addictive eating habits and/or the constant feeling of hunger because Processed Foods are not nutrition, they are not foods, they do not provide the nourishment your body needs to feel satisfied, connected and balanced.

Processed foods aren't just what you put in your mouth, they are also what you choose to use on your skin.  Parabens used in Skincare and also used in fast foods, especially the salads you think are healthier choices, if you're getting your salad from fast food staples, you better switch your salad venue.

Here's the key to Fitness, you have to clean out your body, start eliminating processed food one by one and for each processed food you eliminate add an Organic Wholefood.

If you don't start with a clean system, you can't have a healthy wholebody system.

Nature put our medicine in foods.  

Cravings are your body's way of writing itself, its own prescription, but you have to have a clean body system to know that your cravings aren't addicitions.

Processed Sugar is the Number 1 poison and it's hidden in almost everything.  It's addicting.  It's unhealthy.  It's harmful. It's killing you.

Be kind to yourself on your fitness journey.

Fitness isn't about punishing yourself, it's about building a better life with yourself. 

Energy Never Lies, Silence is full of Answers

Posted by seamusproductions on May 29, 2017 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

As I maneuver through this journey called life, I've learned to listen very little to what people say and instead notice what they do, actions.

Actions are a persons truth, the energy they give off, is a direct result of the actions they live their life by.

Energy can tell you from right off the top if whether or not you are comfortable with someone, which often times means they are not at all comfortable with themselves.

Silence is the state where energy can flow freely.

It's not the physical of being silent and not speaking, its the act of being present.

Presence is the only way to flow through silence to understand the truth spoken through energy,

Dark Spots, why? And The Eraser

Posted by seamusproductions on May 29, 2017 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

The Eraser.

Every so often I get a particular product that gains it's own momentum, lately it's been the Eraser.

It heals everything from uneven skintone to uneven skin texture.

That's the magic of skinfoods.  A product developed for a particular skin condition is a fully nourishing superfood, filled with many unique nutrients, which only nature can provide.

The body is an incredible Problem Solver, nurtrition are the variables necessary for our body to solve their health issues.

Most Skincare only targets the symptoms, without providing nurtrients for your skin's health problems, which are your body's health condtion, expressed physically.

If you notice you have dark spots, age spots, scaring from acne and/or physical trauma, this is your skin showing that it is damaged, stay ut of the sun, because sun activates your body's natural melanin which makes damaged skin pigment different from healthy skin.

The Eraser is a unique blend of only skinfoods that aid your body in rejuvenating itself, so that it produces new, healthier cells, to replace the old damaged ones.

Pigmentation problems are skin damage.  

Skinfoods help heal damage without compromising your body's health with chemicals and bleaching agents that further damage your skin, damaging your health.