Skin Conditions are health problems
This is about Immune System Enhancement, Health, for Beauty


CHEN - Skinhealth

Health Benefits for the Side Effect of Beauty

CHEN's Skinfoods are meant to be used in a 

Soap Free, Filler Free, Paraben Free Environment

Which is why I also offer my products in Complete Introductory Kits.  

If you compromise the Health Benefits of Skinfoods with the tainted toxic ingredients of skincare, you won't see any results, because, soaps and  the toxic fillers and parabens of skincare only cause, constant repetitive damage to your body.

Skincare has created a Regimented Routine, they tell us we Need  

When in fact, the only Routine we should follow is 

Listening to the Needs our Body Communicate to us, through how we Feel

Using skincare is like constantly peeling off a scab before the wound fully heals...  It never does

Genderless Beauty, for all Ages, for the whole Family, Fur Babies too

Safe for Everyone

CHEN began as a solely Bespoke line.  
We are all unique and deserve personal service custom tailored to meet our individual needs.  
What I enjoy most about my business is keeping it personal which is why I don't have a typical online click and go shop.
Your health is the most important asset you can trust to anyone.
After we build your oder to meet your specifications, I invoice you via PayPal.
All orders ship normally ship the same day and go out after payment is received.
Thank You and Welcome to the CHEN Family!

60% of What You Choose to use on Your Skin Enters Your Bloodstream in 26 Seconds, Getting Pumped, by Your Heart, as Nutrition
To Every Cell in Your Body
What are you Feeding your Skin?

The WeekendER, $40 

Minis from CHEN, so you can recover from Skincare.

The WeekendER, is the ER Kit for your skin.

CHEN's Skinfoods are Organic, Filler Free Products, so you may have to relearn how a little goes all the way and then some. 

This is the less is more approach, but more, in so many more ways ways than you could imagine.

Here's what you get with the WeekendER...

1) Cleansing Cream - Anti-Aging, Pore Clarifying, Line Erasing, Blemish Fighting, Make-Up Remover (waterproof and professional grades).  It also doubles as the Ultimate Shaving Cream!!!  Because it is so rich in Vitamin A, it not only keeps pores clear, it also prevents ingrown hairs and soothes and prevent razor burn.  Battles, soothes and heals breakouts.

2) Everything Tea - Your Poo-Free, All-In-One, Detoxifying Cleanser, from Head to Toe.  Yes, Shampoo, Condition, Detox and Cleanse yourself in one simple step.  Rules are made to be broken and I could never understand why I needed to go through so many steps to get clean from head to toe.  I'm a busy woman, so I made my own Poo-Free option, to do what every Busy Person On the Go needs, without all the fuss.  It's safe for the whole family and works as a detoxing bath soak, detoxing foot soak, hair treatment, anti-aging treatment and body healing sanitizer.  Just one product, so many options!!!  Athletes!!! Comfrey is a key player in this formula, which means it is a must have for healing.  Soaking and cleansing with this not only strengthens and sanitizes your skin, Comfrey helps bones heal and skin repair.  Translated, it means, "the knitting herb" because of how it was used in traditional medicine to heal the body.  Comfrey also cures dandruff, makes the hair silky and moisturizes the skin.  This is also hair regrowth, stimulating formula and has herbs used to reverse greying... I've had many customers report these facts and had even noticed hair regrowth of my own while I was testing this formula, before it was available through CHEN!

3) The Powder - Talcum Free.  Filled with the endless goodness found in Organic Skinfood Ingredients.  This is more than a Powder. This is POWER... This is anti-aging, skin sanitizing, skin moisturizing, skin healing.  This is a powder that can be made into a skin soothing mask, just mix into a paste with water.  Or apply the paste to your scalp to enhance hair health, end dandruff and stimulate hair regrowth.  For the ultimate hair treatment, make a paste with your Everything Tea and add a touch of honey.  Leave-In for 20 minutes, then rinse out... Follow with some Alma Serum for a weightless, unbeatable shine that also boosts hair health and regrowth too!  Sunburned, Bug Bite?  Make a paste with aloe or water and apply to burn/bug bite.

4) Green Tea Butter - What started CHEN.  This is the ultimate butter.  It nourishes and protects with an antiaging defiance that you can only find in the synergy that exists from actual Organic Skinfood ingredients.  It is Anti-Aging, because it is a powerhouse of ant-oxidants and nutrients that nourish your cell's youthful renewal process.  There is no such thing as an old cell. The quality of your cell's renewal process depends on the quality of Organic Nutrition you give your body.  This product also heals everything from bruises to scrapes.  Soothes bug bites and heals burns.  Excellent for Beard Maintenance and Growth.

5) The Serums(Marula, Afshar, Maricuja, Amla) - Nutrition works best when varied, so for the first time, I'm offering all of CHEN's Serums in this kit for you to try in rotation, or one at a time.  They are all my favorites, but you may feel different.  So, I decided to let you decide by including them all!!!  All serums are enhanced with natural SPF protection ranging from SPF 28-50, because of the ingredient Red Raspberry Seed oil.  They are all Anti-Aging, Skin Brightening, Skin Clearing.  But, we are all different, with individual nutritional needs, so certain serums may work better depending on what your changing needs may be.  For instance, just before my period, my body responds very well to the Afshar Serum, the Geranium note helps soothe my PMS. Then, during my period I find that the Amla Serum helps balance out my skin's needs best and the Rosemary helps ease my bloating and heaviness.  Then after it's a toss up between the Maricuja and the Marula... Sometimes I like one better than the other, not sure why, but its what my body decides... Guys, all serums are magic for your skin and those beards that have come into fashion now.