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60% of What You Choose to use on Your Skin Enters Your Bloodstream in 26 Seconds, Getting Pumped, by Your Heart to 
Every Cell in Your Body
What are you Feeding your Skin?

Beyond Skincare, Skinhealth via Skin Foods, Filler Free, Paraben Free, Toxin Free, Cruelty Free, Harm Free 

Nutrition for Everyone, Man, Woman, Child, Furbabies, Pregnant, Nursing, Infants

I Started CHEN as a Bespoke Line and Believe That Our Needs Are Unique.  
I enjoying engaging with each one of my clients and once we decide what's best for you I will invoice you via PayPal and Your Order Normally Ships the Same Day!!!
If you already know what you need, just include your desired product, quantity and size!

Micellar Water

No Rinse Sanitizing Cleanser & Make-Up Remover

I have been using this method of cleansing my skin for years...

My twist, my Water is made with 100% Organic Skin Foods, further enhanced by Mother Nature's magical Essential Oils.

All Cleanser's are antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, how?

The power of natural oils help to balance the healthy needs of our body's by enhancing and protecting us from pathogen's, created by Mother Nature and solved by Mother Nature.

Skin Foods fortify the actual health of our own body. 

Essential Oils not only heal and protect us with own unique qualities, they strengthen our own body's ability to take care of itself.  They help us maintain and achieve balance for health and beauty.

I have made my six formulas available to all of you!!!

The Original - Cleanse and Renew, 4oz/$25

Pomegranate- Collagen Boosting, 4oz/$25

Frankincense - Anti Scar, Healing, 4oz/$25

Geranium - Acne & Healing, 4oz/$25

Elemi - Strengthen & Tone, 4oz/$25

Helichrysum - Anti Aging, 4oz/$40

These are all on special for the introduction of this new Skin Food!!!  Please email to order!  S/H for most orders is $10 and all orders ship priority!

New Beginnings, Skin Detox Kit

$45+10 s/h = $55

-Full Size Everything Tea

-Full Size Everything Spray

-Full Size Manuka Mask

-Detoxing Truffles

-Green Tea Butter

-Cleansing Cream

-Steaming Herbs

Everything you need to begin your Healthier New You...

What Causes Aging?

As we age our bodies become more unstable in different ways the two most common are Oxidative Stress and Free Radicals.

Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants.

What is a free radical?

 All cells produce free radicals. A free radical is any atom or molecule, missing an electron in its outer shell. This free radical will attack and destroy other necessarily healthy atoms to get the electron it's missing.  Free radicals can accumulate and cause oxidative damage. Oxidative damage causes biological organisms to age. In other words, free radicals turn the oils of our skin rancid which in turn damages the collagen in our skin. Collagen is the protein that serve as the building blocks of our skin. Free radicals have even been associated with skin cancer and premature skin-aging due to sun exposure (which speeds up free radical damage). 

The Solution - Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a group of beneficial nutrients.  An antioxidant is a molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. They help to remove the free radicals and their damage from these cells. They slow down and can even stop this oxidative damage that causes the skin to age.  Antioxidants reduce the damaging oxidative process in cells, including skin cells. Antioxidants block the process of oxidation by neutralizing free radicals, which means, the antioxidants themselves become oxidized. This is why there is a constant need to replenish our antioxidant supply.

CHEN's Skin Foods are your Antioxidant Rich Powerhouses for Anti-Aging and Youth Maintenance!

All of CHEN's Skin Foods, especially CHEN's Serums are made from 100% organic Plant Sources. Plant Oils are the essence, blood "life force" of the life source they are extracted from.  We are told to eat our fruits and vegetables for many reasons and Antioxidants are one of them!  It's the same antioxidants that battle aging and wrinkles which act as nature's Preservative in fighting free radical damage in all of CHEN's products.  With naturally antioxidant dense formulas there is no need for chemical preservatives which actually "kill" or stop the "life force" of a product.

Parabens preserve by stopping the natural life cycle.  It does this by halting the nutrients from their complete life cycle.  What does this mean?  It means the skin food product in all the skincare products out there is "dead" product.  Dead Product that is "preserved" with parabens mean, that your product will not rot, because it is no longer a viable source of life nourishing, nutrition.  It has now been "frozen" in time, so that it does not go bad.  Part of the life cycle of anything that nourishes the body, is, it will go bad.  Parabens "pickle" the product with toxic chemicals so that your product will have a shelf life of forever, which means it is only delivering "dead" product filled with parabens and other toxic chemicals.  Since the job of parabens is to preserve by ending the lifecycle of your skincare, what do you think these parabens are doing to your body once you apply it to your vibrant body's skin?  This is a the beginning of health problems beneath the skin and of the skin... This story has no happy ending.

Stop using Skincare and start using Skin Foods.  Your body will thank you by showing it overtime you look in the mirror.  You're skin will feel a way it never has before... All you have to do is start.

Dietary Deficiencies are to the body what Skin Conditions are to your skin

So, why do we choose to treat our skin conditions which we have become accustomed to living with, instead of changing our skin's dietary needs to become healthy?

Healthy skin, like healthy bodies takes care of itself...