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January 25, 3pm Skin Session with Acupuncturist Erika Freed

A Day of Healthy Living and Learning

-Tai Chi Chuan

-Skin Food talk w/mini facials all using CHEN's Skin food

-Make your our own cream, participants get to take some home too

-Acupuncture with Erika Freed 

($10 surcharge to be paid in cash for individuals who would like an actual treatment)

$40/pp, Paypal @ and receive $20 credit towards the purchase of any CHEN Product.  

Location: One East 28th Street, buzzer 11, 7th floor

This where Skin Nutrition for Skinhealth and not Skincare is the Focus

Dietary Deficiencies are to the body what Skin Conditions are to your skin

So, why do we choose to treat our skin conditions which we have become accustomed to living with, instead of changing our skin's dietary needs to become healthy?

Healthy skin, like healthy bodies takes care of itself...