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Diet isn't only what you eat, it is also what you choose to put on your skin

$45, Skin Detox - Restore your Acid Mantle with Skin Foods
Your Skin Gym for your Skin's Fitness and for your Skin's Health

Includes the following Skin Foods from CHEN:

Samples Sizes of...
- Cleansing Cream
- Green Tea Butter
- Everything Stick
- Everything Tea
- Afshar Serum

Full Sizes of...
- h.A.N.D.
-Everything Spray

Detox your skin with CHEN's skin food.  Nurture your skin by nourishing it.  Nourished skin thrives.  Skin that thrives takes care of itself.  Help your body thrive better with skin foods by CHEN!

Dietary Deficiencies are to the body what Skin Conditions are to your skin

So, why do we choose to treat our skin conditions which we have become accustomed to living with, instead of changing our skin's dietary needs to become healthy?

Healthy skin, like healthy bodies takes care of itself...