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Diet isn't only what you eat, it is also what you choose to put on your skin

$45, Skin Detox - Restore your Acid Mantle with Skin Foods
Your Skin Gym for your Skin's Fitness and for your Skin's Health

Includes the following Skin Foods from CHEN:

Samples Sizes of...
- Cleansing Cream
- Green Tea Butter
- Everything Tea
- Afshar Serum

Full Sizes of...
- h.A.N.D.
- Everything Stick
-Everything Spray

Use skin food to restore your skin's health.  Soap's, preservatives and lab based technologies harm your skin.  They destroy your skin's Acid Mantle and impose "promises" and "magic tricks" printed on their labels.  Instead of working to nourish your body so that your skin can function the way nature intended, skincare, imposes "instant" results that are not lasting and are not healthy for your skin.  

Detox your skin with CHEN's skin food.  Nurture your skin by nourishing it.  Nourished skin thrives.  Skin that thrives takes care of itself.  Help your body thrive better with skin foods by CHEN!

MARCH 1ST  3-5PM, $25
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Sugar and Soap…

You wouldn't normally link two together, but they are far more similar that you think or know.  The most common factor these two feed is ADDICTION.

We don't know it or think about it cause they aren't illegal and they are everywhere and found in everything.  

How these two addictions undermine us is what needs to be brought to our attention.  

Michelle is your Sugar Detox, I am your Skin Detox…

So, let me start by giving you a brief understanding of what it is I do, who I am, where I come from and why you should listen to me.

My name is Tiffany Chen.  I am a lifelong athlete.  Competitive Martial Artist and Competitive Full Contact Fighter.  My family owns the place we will be meeting in and I come from a family of fighters.  My father is William CC Chen and my teacher from the beginning.  My baby brother Maximillion Chen is a very accomplished full contact fighter and Olympian.  So, health and nutrition was my lifestyle growing up and has always been an essential part of my life and who I am today.

So, the fighting and the obsession with nutrition paved the road for where I am today.  Long story, shortened, a lot… My skin was taking a toll from the fighting.  I was just in my late 20's when I noticed that there was a bit more wear and tear happening than I was recovering from.  I indulged in everything the departments stores and Sephora had to offer.  I was a slave to La Mere and a willing victim to this Skincare industry.  I was spending exorbitant amounts on what I ended up learning to be more propaganda than actual product.  I started researching these products to find out why they cost what they did.  Basically we are all paying for marketing, lies that these companies pay someone to craftily construct, like an artist with a brush on canvas.  Only now, our bodies have become the canvas for skincare companies who have endless chemicals and toxic ingredients which end up negating the minute amount of actual "product" in our products.

Aside from creams, the other POISON marketed for our skin is SOAP!!!  Our skin is acidic by nature, SOAP is alkaline. It destroys our Acid Mantle.  You know all these skin problems we have, premature aging and acne being the top two.  These two symptoms are more often than not the result of us damaging our skin and basically being "Mantleless".  There is a HUGE difference between being "clean" and being "strippe".  Would you sand a piece of furniture overtime you wanted to "clean" it?  Doctors tell us NOT to use soap on baby's skin, baby's skin is more acidic than adults.  Even vets tell us to keep our use of soap on our pets to a minimum, because our pets need to keep the oils, their Acid Mantle on their body's intact to be healthy.

Now, theres the huge misconception about oils… Natural Oils are good for you and cleanse your skin!!!  Mineral Oil and Vaseline, these are what saturate our products on the market today and they are not plant based or natural.  They are byproducts of Fuel Refinery process, yes this is a fancy name for the throw away product, left behind after the fuel is refined enough for us to put in our cars.  

These are the dirty secrets the skincare industry doesn't want you to know.  These are the things you NEED to know. 

I look forward to discussing and sharing all this with you!!!  

Nutrition is also what you choose to put on your body.  Did you know it takes your body just 26 seconds to absorb what you put on it?  What you put on your skin, goes into your body and becomes a part of making you healthier or can be part of what takes away from your health.  The choice yours and I'm pretty sure we all want to do what we can to be healthier and happier.

Dietary Deficiencies are to the body what Skin Conditions are to your skin

So, why do we choose to treat our skin conditions which we have become accustomed to living with, instead of changing our skin's dietary needs to become healthy?

Healthy skin, like healthy bodies takes care of itself...