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In 26 Seconds, 60% of what you Choose to put on your skin becomes a part of you.  It's one thing to be intoxicating, it's another to be TOXIC

Introducing Nano-Free Sun Guard by CHEN!!! 

Made with Sun Protecting EO's that Provide All Natural Mosquito Protection too! 

Protection from the Sun that's actually good for you and no sticky finish!

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CHEN - SUN GUARD with All Natural Mosquito Repellent Properties too!

Made with Nano-Free, Uncoated Zinc Oxide

My new Trio which has another "Unique" by CHEN.  A Cleanser that gives you a Light Guard too, in just one step.

Each part of my Trio comes is enhanced with EO's that also offer all natural Mosquito Repellent.  What's better.  The ingredients that Repel those pests also smells great!!! No heavy greasy after feel, this is 100% product.  A little goes all the way and more.  One pump of my serum is enough for my face, hands and forearms!

This is all natural Skin Food which also enhances your skin's own protective qualities and protective barrier, your natural Acid Mantle... You are born with this, we spend our whole lives destroying it!  Now that you're with CHEN, you have finally stopped that vicious cycle!!!

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Sun Guard isn't just for Sun Protection!!! Below is a list of what it can heal, treat, sooth and cure, just by feeding your body right!

-Sun Burnt Skin




-Oily Skin

-Dry Skin

-Rough Patches


-Chapped Lips

-Diaper Rash

-Premature Aging



-Skin Rashes

Dietary Deficiencies are to the body what Skin Conditions are to your skin

So, why do we choose to treat our skin conditions which we have become accustomed to living with, instead of changing our skin's dietary needs to become healthy?

Healthy skin, like healthy bodies takes care of itself...